The lifeblood of a quality law practice is its staff and ours is simply the best.  Their knowledge, client relations skills and dedication to doing the best possible job is second to none.  Our staff is always available during business hours to help clients on the phone in a courteous and professional manner.



Denise Simpson     

Denise (front row, left side) is the senior member of the staff having been with the firm over 25 years.  She is the Office Manager and Legal Assistant and is generally responsible for administrative functions within the firm.  She is extremely well versed in all aspects of landlord tenant law and eviction procedures.  In addition, Denise handles the administrative work in processing the formation of business entities such as Limited Liability Companies.

E-Mail Denise: Denise {at}


Vanessa Johnson

Vanessa (back row, second from the right side) has been with the firm for over ten years as a Legal Assistant. Since early 2015 Vanessa has managed the firm’s large mobile/manufactured home abandonment program and processes the several hundred landlord lien sale and bonded title matters that come through each year.  She also has responsibilities for relations with Manufactured Housing Communities of Arizona and the Arizona Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds, the two industry associations representing manufactured housing community and RV park landlords.

E-Mail Vanessa: Vanessa {at}


J. J. (Jaylene) Meeker

J. J.  (back row, second from the left side) is a Legal Assistant, has been with the firm since early 2015 and is primarily responsible for doing the intake work and helping to process the firm’s eviction cases.  She too is well versed in all aspects of landlord tenant law and eviction procedures.  J.J. also covers the front desk and is usually the first point of contact for prospective new clients seeking information about the firm.

E-Mail J. J.: Jaylene {at}


Sue Allen

Sue (front row, right side) is the firm’s Accounting Manager and is responsible for staying on top of our payables and receivables.   Without her we would be broke.  She is responsible for generating the firm’s billings and for handling client inquiries about their accounts.  Sue doesn’t like overhead and keeps us lean and mean.

E-Mail Sue: Sue {at}


Taylor Kies 

Taylor (back row, right side) is our Receptionist and Legal Assistant.  Taylor has been with the firm since 2017 and she has become a valuable member of the team.  She is the first person most people speak to when calling the office and her assistance helps every aspect of the office run more smoothly.

E-Mail Taylor: Taylor {at}


Gina Smith

Gina (back row, left side) is a Legal Assistant and Client Liaison. Gina joined the firm in early 2018 coming from a client relationship manager role with a previous company.  Since joining the WZP team, she has become well versed in landlord tenant law and eviction procedures.

E-Mail Gina: Gina {at}