Landlord tenant law in manufactured housing communities and RV parks is unique.  Each has its own landlord tenant laws (the Arizona Mobile Home Parks Residential Landlord and Tenant Act–MHPLTA; the Arizona Recreational Vehicle Long-Term Rental Space Act–RVRSA).

There also laws regulating the sales of manufactured homes and RV’s that apply in communities with dealer licenses, and federal and state laws that regulate the sale and financing of homes.

Mike Parham began concentrating in this field in the early 1980’s and became the MHP/MHC association’s legal counsel in 1987.  Since then Mike has written forms manuals and handbooks that are published by the  association–Manufactured Housing Communities of Arizona, Inc. (MHCA).

Mike is also responsible for drafting most changes in the MHPLTA and the RVRSA since 1987, and helped draft the Arizona Rules of Procedure for Eviction Actions where he was instrumental in getting the unique aspects of these industries recognized in the Rules.

In the 1990’s Scott Williams began representing manufactured housing communities.  When Mike decided to join a law firm in 2010, it was natural for him to become associated with the newly named Williams, Zinman & Parham.  In 2012 Mike’s daughter Melissa Parham also joined the firm after five years as a criminal appellate prosecutor and civil litigator.

Mobile Home Abandonments / Landlord Lien Sale


This is an area that Mike virtually invented working with Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) personnel in the early 1990’s when Arizona became inundated with abandoned older mobile homes. Vanessa Johnson, a senior Legal Assistant  manages the procedural and day to day operations of the firm’s abandoned home program

When a home is abandoned, and the space rent is not being paid, a community may enforce a landlord lien against the manufactured home.  Once proper notification has been given, the necessary legal documents have been processed, and the curative periods have expired, the landlord can hold a landlord lien sale to recover the past due rent.  If no buyers appear or if insufficient bids are made, the landlord may then obtain title to the home by bidding the amount of rent due.  Once the landlord has title to the home, it can  dispose of it.

The entire process requires knowledge of different statutory schemes as well as an understanding of MVD internal Policies and Procedures.  Based upon our experience, we have created a step-by-step procedure to assist communities with this process.  Our firm assists under a full or limited service agreement.  Under a full service agreement, our office will complete and process all steps.  Under a limited service agreement, we complete certain necessary steps and allow the park manager to assist us to reduce some of the expense.

Our overall fees are very reasonable.  We have designed a computer system to make our office unparalleled in efficiently handling abandoned home situations.

Mike Parham maintains, and regularly updates, his own website covering issues that affect MHC’s and RV parks.   Please visit his site by clicking on the link below.  Pay special attention to the current Blog on the left of the page, where Mike posts weekly blogs regarding relevant legal issues.