Landlord-Tenant Law: Our eviction attorneys are prepared to handle evictions related to single family homes, apartment communities, commercial properties, mobile home and RVs, and more.


Real Estate Law: Our real estate attorneys can assist you with many real property issues, including: disputes arising out of foreclosure sales, quiet title prosecution and defense, title insurance claims and litigation, transactional document preparation, commercial loan opinion letters, and more.


Mobile Home and RV Parks Law: Handling Landlord-Tenant issues in manufactured housing and RV parks and legal issues concerning the sale and financing of manufactured homes and RV’s. Our firm is unique in its ability to deal with abandoned mobile homes.


Appeals & Appellate Law :Members of our Arizona law firm have appeared as attorneys of record in major appeals cases ranging from criminal appeals (including death penalty cases) to civil appeals and appeals in election cases.


Election Law: We enjoy a record of unparalleled success in handling challenges under election laws.


Fair Housing Law: No one has more experience in handling fair housing complaints than our lawyers whose experience dates back to 1988.


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We also represent parties in election law cases concerning public offices throughout Arizona and assist clients in forming LLC’s and other business entities.