In Arizona, a registered voter can challenge the nomination of a candidate for public office.  To do so, the registered voter files an action in the local county Superior Court challenging the validity of the candidate’s petitions.  If successful, a “petition challenge” can result in a prospective candidate’s name being removed from the election ballot.

Due to the technical and expedited nature of the proceedings and to the important impact on the election process, these are highly contested actions that require an in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of election law.

Scott Williams has been actively involved in election cases since 1996. Mark Zinman has participated in election law cases since 2004. The firm has represented candidates running for many Arizona public offices.  The firm has prosecuted and defended numerous election cases before the Arizona Supreme Court. Many of these election cases have become Arizona law such as in the published cases of: Moreno v. Jones, 213 Ariz. 94, 139 P.3d 612 (2006) and Kennedy v. Lodge, 230 Ariz. 548, 288 P.3d 108 (2012).

Scott has also represented Maricopa County in election matters.  In 2004, Maricopa County retained Scott to represent the Maricopa County Attorney on all campaign finance complaints and actions involving persons seeking the Office of Maricopa County Attorney. In addition, Maricopa County retained Scott to prosecute an election contest involving a candidate for Justice of the Peace.