We understand how important your property is to you and the complications that can arise when you rent that property. It is because of this that we have streamlined our procedures to ensure you a fast and effective means of dealing with all tenant problems.

Whether you have a tenant who is not paying rent or one who is not complying with the community guidelines, we can guide you through the legal steps necessary to resolve the problem. While tenant problems are an unfortunate aspect of renting property, our real estate attorneys, staff, forms and computer system can together ensure that you have the legal tools to effectively deal with them.

Looking for an Eviction Attorney in the Phoenix Area?

Our firm handles evictions relating to single family homes, apartment communities, manufactured housing communities and R.V. parks as well as commercial properties. These actions are either filed in Justice Court or Superior Court depending on the facts underlying your case.  We do not limit our practice to any one county and can usually handle an eviction anywhere in Arizona. Manufactured housing communities should also look at the separate page on this site dedicated to them.

Fair Housing Cases

For over twenty years members of the firm have represented landlords in both administrative fair housing investigations and in court actions alleging housing discrimination. Mike Parham has served as court appointed mediator in both state court fair housing cases and in a major class action suit in the U.S. District Court against a large housing provider.


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