About Williams, Zinman, and Parham P.C.


Utilizing the Latest Technology


Our law firm is fully automated with the latest technology. All eviction matters are processed through our custom software program. This allows us to give you individualized reports based upon your specifications, such as cases pending or all judgments which have not been paid. We use this technology to ensure that you are always aware of the status of your case with automated email and fax capabilities.


The most advanced feature we offer is our website interface. We have created a separate website, https://www.azevictions.com/wzp, for clients to input eviction requests and obtain case status information 24/7.  This is in addition to our client desktop interface, a downloadable application that allows clients to track their cases from their own computers, view documents associated with cases, review bills and send requests electronically to our firm.  Thus we provide up-to-the minute access to all information that property managers, owners and clients would want.  This is especially helpful to property management companies, as it can be customized so that an on-site manager has a different level access from a district manager, with each gaining access to the information necessary to do their job.


Our technological skills allow us to keep charges to a minimum and ensure competitive rates for the exceptional service we provide.


Unparalleled Customer Service


In addition to our exceptional legal services, we provide unparalleled customer service. Whether assisting a one-time client or a long time property management company, we excel at working with clients to best serve your specific needs. All of our attorneys and trained staff-members are easily accessible by phone or email to answer your questions.


Client Education


We offer on-site, educational seminars on all landlord tenant topics. All clients receive our newsletters keeping them up to date on new legal developments affecting them. Additionally we share with our clients the articles that our attorneys write and have published by the Arizona Multihousing Association, Arizona Real Estate Investor Association, Manufactured Housing Communities of Arizona and other outlets. You can also check out our latest WZP Blog posts found toward the bottom of our Home page. On the WZP Blog, we have updates on relevant legal issues for landlords and property owners.


When you need an experienced eviction attorney in Arizona, call (480) 994-4732 or contact us using the form to the right for your landlord-tenantappeals, real estate, mobile home and RV park, Fair Housing or election law issue.