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Call (480) 994-4732
Call (480) 994-4732
Call (480) 994-4732

Handling most Landlord Tenant issues, Eviction cases, & Real property law. We also have Appellate experience in major Criminal & Civil appeals.

Williams, Zinman & Parham represents property owners throughout Arizona in both court actions and in transactions. With over 20 years of experience, our Phoenix real estate attorneys are prepared to handle most typical landlord legal needs. As we believe that knowledge and experience are the crucial elements in providing the best service to our clients, we concentrate our practice on landlord tenant matters. We commonly represent clients in eviction cases, Fair Housing complaints, ownership disputes over real property, manufactured housing issues, and related litigation.  We also represent parties in election law cases concerning public offices throughout the State of Arizona. Additionally, we assist clients in forming LLC's and other business entities.

Offering Affordable & Skilled Representation throughout Arizona

Our Eviction, Real Estate. and Manufactured Housing Attorneys are committed to finding the right solution for your legal matters. We offer skilled and affordable representation in the following:

Landlord-Tenant Law:  Our eviction attorneys are prepared to handle evictions related to single family homes, apartment communities, commercial properties, mobile home and RVs, and more.

Real Estate LawOur real estate attorneys can assist you with a multitude of real property issues, including: disputes arising out of foreclosure sales, quiet title prosecution and defense, title insurance claims and litigation, transactional document preparation and much more.

Mobile Home and RV Parks Law:  Handling Landlord-Tenant issues in manufactured housing and RV parks and legal issues concerning the sale and financing of manufactured homes and RV’s. Our firm is unique in its ability to deal with abandoned mobile homes.

Appeals & Appellate Law:  Members of our Arizona law firm have appeared as attorneys of record in major appeals cases ranging from criminal appeals (including death penalty cases) to civil appeals and appeals in election cases.

Election Law:  We enjoy a record of unparalleled success in handling challenges under election laws.

Fair Housing Law:  No one has more experience in handling fair housing complaints than our lawyers whose experience dates back to 1988.

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Why Williams, Zinman, and Parham P.C.

Utilizing the Latest Technology

Our Scottsdale law firm is fully automated with the latest technology. All eviction matters are processed through our custom software solution. This system allows us to give you individualized reports based upon your specifications, such as cases pending or all judgments which have not been paid. We utilize this technology to ensure that you are always aware of the status of your case with automated email and fax capabilities.

The most advanced feature we offer is our client desktop interface.  This downloadable application allows clients to track their cases from their own computers, view documents associated with cases, review bills and send requests electronically to our firm.  In essence, this provides up-to-the minute access to all information that property managers, owners and clients would want.  The interface is especially beneficial for large property management companies, as it is able to be customized so that an on-site manager has a different level access from a district manager, with each gaining access to the information necessary to do their job.

Our technological skills allow us to keep charges to a minimum and ensure competitive rates for the exceptional service we provide.

Unparalleled Customer Service

In addition to providing you with exceptional legal services, we provide unparalleled customer service. Whether assisting a one-time client or a property management company that we have worked with for years, we excel at working with clients to best serve your specific needs. All of our Phoenix attorneys and trained staff-members are easily accessible by phone or email to answer your questions.

Client Education

Additionally, we offer on-site, educational seminars on all landlord tenant topics. All clients receive our quarterly newsletter and periodic special newsletters keeping them on top of new legal developments affecting them. Additionally we reproduce articles that our attorneys write and have published by the Arizona Multihousing Association, Arizona Real Estate Investor Association, Manufactured Housing Communities of Arizona and other outlets. You can see them on the Newsletters, Articles and Updates tabs above. On this page, we also have updates regarding relevant legal issues for landlords and property owners.

When you need an experienced eviction attorney in Phoenix, call (480) 994-4732 or contact us using the form to the right for your landlord-tenantappeals, real estate, mobile home and RV park,  or election law issue.

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